Are Guardian Angels Real?

In this entry, I am continuing with perspective from my previous entry On Guardian Angels.

It’s interesting to consider how we would believe in Beings of Great Power and Influence that have the ability to Shape-Shift from a Heavenly Body to a Human Physical Body Form and back again at-will – however, we do not believe that One Human Being, born on this Earth, is actually able to open their Physical Body to allow others from the Here-After to communicate a message of Equality and Oneness, to support humans, and to present solutions on how we can change ourselves and this world for real.  As a response to this, the most common feedback that I get from the others in my life is, “The message is the same – it’s the same girl with the same words,” and from here, there is suspicion and the ability to hear the message and the brutal honesty ends.

Within this, the two points that I am seeing are 1, we do not see that a physical human has the potential to have ability nor influence to change our existence and 2, via religions and our beliefs we have been given different messages that vary depending on what we want to hear – and so, a message that does not change or differentiate is something that we’re not comfortable with.  From here, it is simple to see and understand why we would place our Hope and Faith in a Benevolent Presence that can only be seen by those that are Special rather than hearing a message of how we can actually change this world for real – no luminescent light, no sparkles, no moon dust, no wings, no halo – instead, all in existence working to make sure that every being on this Earth has a dignified, happy life.

I am writing about this subject in my Honest Parent blog to assist parents, future parents, and all others including myself to see that we must stop imagining, thinking, hoping, praying, and having faith that a Guardian Angel or any other More Powerful Presence than ourselves is looking out for us, is keeping us safe, and will deliver and/or protect us from anything that would cause us harm – because, when we look at the death, disease, poverty, and abuse in this world, it is completely irresponsible for us to tell ourselves, each other, and our children that we do not need to worry because Someone Somewhere Out-There is going to make everything okay and that we just need to wait, have faith, and be patient.

All we have is each other.

What we see here is what we’re working with.

Parents, future parents, and all others – Instead of placing each others Lives in a Game of Chance where one’s Value determines if one gets Heavenly Assistance or not – I suggest that we make ourselves Guardian Angels for each other where we give ourselves the Power to end poverty, abuse and preventable death and disease. We will in-fact for real bring Heaven To Earth and give every child born here an opportunity to realize themselves as True Guardian Angels.

We are working on Equal Money Capitalism as a bridge to get us from this point to the next.  In the meantime, work with yourself and your children to remove ourselves from this fantasy-world that we’re attempting to live in as an excuse to not take care of each other so that we can prevent ourselves from coming to this point again.


On Guardian Angels

After I wrote my Journey to Life blog last night, I decided to go to the store.  As I pulled out of my driveway in my car, I saw someone from the corner of my view that I almost ran into.   When I looked at the person, they were pale, there were dark circles around the eyes and the face was covered with blood and mud.  My body literally jumped away from what I saw and I gasped and yelled, “WHAT THE F?!?!”  It was Christmas … not Halloween … wtf was going on here? In my mind, I was going through all of the possibilities of what was happening in that moment… and the person did not look at me but instead just kept walking with a blank stare … holy shit … 2012 … end of the world … is the Zombie Apocalypse real??

In shock, I drove a little ways down the road and saw a car flipped over on it’s hood in the ditch – the headlights were on and this persons coat or something was on the ground.  I immediately turned around to pick-up this person.  Within me there was a voice of worry, “What if this person is insane?  I mean, gauging by the condition of this world and kinda seeing where it’s going, bad things could happen.  What if they think that -I’m- the insane one coming to abduct them?” Still, for me there was no choice.  I guided this person into my car, talked with them, and we decided to drive them to their friend’s house around the corner.  I stayed with this person until they were safe and all was cool and then I left.  While I was at the store, I told the cashier about the experience that I had on the way to the store and this person’s reply was, “You’re an angel.”

It was interesting that the Angel point came up because I had just read some articles on Angels and Guardian Angels in an e-mail that was shared.  In the articles the author spoke about the percentages of people in this world that believe that they are being watched over by Angels and made reference to the stories of these people that had personal experiences with being saved by these heavenly creatures that we cannot see.   Here are a few quotes from these articles:

“31 per cent of Britons said they believed in angels and this level is even higher among women at 41 per cent. In the U.S., 80 per cent of people profess a belief in angels”

“U.S. author Doreen Virtue has a doctorate in psychology and has written 20 books about angels. ‘Everyone has a guardian angel,’ she says. ‘They stay with you from birth, making sure you are safe and guided always. I truly believe angels can help us heal.'”

“Lorna explains that people see them in different ways – some, like her, clearly see the face and shape of them while others, like Jayne, see them as beams of light or clouds. ‘No two are alike. They change their appearance and are neither male nor female,’ says Lorna.”

‘They don’t have faces or take human forms and their “voices” aren’t audible, but I can still communicate with them and get a sense of how they are feeling based on the colour of their light,’ she says.

“The Angel of the North is as tall as four double decker buses and its wingspan is as big as that of a jumbo jet.”

These are just a few – the beliefs, myths, and individual ideas of Angels and what they look like goes on and on.  My question within this is: If everyone has a guardian angel that keeps us safe, guided always, and can help us heal, then …

… where is this child’s Guardian Angel?

I have much more to write about this subject and will continue.

On Death

We recently had a death in the family.  It was a family member that my son had a relationship with.

To begin, when I got ‘the call’ that this family member had passed away, I stayed calm, and immediately directed myself to stay at home with my son while the rest of the family rushed to support G,  the wife of the person who died.  I also made the decision to not tell my son about the death on that day in the event that his father or other members of the family came to our house with reactions.  I saw that it was my ‘job’ to prevent my son from connecting death to reactions.  When his father came home that night, we quietly and calmly shared and discussed any points, concerns, events, and experiences that had happened in the home of the dead person.  As far as my son was concerned, this day was like any other day in his world.

I decided that it was best if I were to stay home and support my son through the week so I called my boss who gave me several days off.

The day after the death, I turned off all the media in our home and asked my son to come sit with me because we had something to discuss.  He came up and sat next to me on the couch and breathed to make sure that I was clear before I began speaking.  I began by referring to our dog, Jake, that we had ‘put down’ last year and said, “So, last year Jake died. And when he died, he died he was gone.” My son said, “Yes,” and I continued, “Like Jake, P has died.  And he is gone.”

“P is dead?”

“Yes, he is dead.”

My son let out a short cry – it was a cry that was familiar to both of us as it’s more of a sniffling-whine that he attempts to use to get something that he wants. And as he let out this ‘cry’, he said, “BUT I WILL MISS HIM.”  When he expressed this with the ‘cry’, I saw my son hear himself, he sniffed once, and he stopped as he was aware that this cry was something that we’ve discussed and proven to be ‘fake’.  From here, my son began talking in his ‘normal’ tone and we discussed his concerns and answered his questions.  When the discussion ended, I told my son that I had taken the week off from work and that I would be here for him -all week- to support him.  He was cool with this.

We continued to stay home together while the family gathered each night.  I did not see it as best for him to connect ‘G falling apart’ with death.  We did not participate until the funeral.

At the funeral, my son did fine.  He supported his family member by going up to hug her as she was bent over and crying at the casket.  And that is all.  It was done.  When we got in our vehicle and left the cemetery, he reacted in anger that he did not get to see ‘P’s dead body’.   His father and I explained that it was ‘just a dead body’, however, this child really wanted to make that connection so we made an agreement that we would investigate what dead bodies looked like on-line – he was cool with this.

Last night, my son was watching a movie where a dog had died and the cast of characters worked together to bring the dog ‘back to life’.  Seeing this created Hope within him and he became excited and exclaimed, “Wait! I can bring Jake back! And P!”  I told him that in real life, this does not happen – once we are die, we are gone, and we cannot come back.  He said, “Yeah … I know.” He was disappointed – even though, what he has seen and learned from life that beings do not come back when we die.  He wanted to believe – and I understand this because I live this myself – I hope and I believe because I do not want to experience my fear of loss, my fear of the future, and my fear of death.  It is easier to ignore our disappointment over-and-over-and-over again rather than face our fears and figure out where these fears come from – and so we fall into the trap of Hope, Belief, and misplaced Trust.

We call this LIVING?

And the cycle continues …

Cycles are easy.  But cycles, patterns, or anything we do over and over and over and over again, get us no where.

And running in the same pattern day-in and day-out – how is that we can call this ‘Living’?

Okay, so we may be ‘fine’ and ‘comfortable’ with our patterns – I mean, hey, they’re predictable – don’t worry NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE.  PHEW.  And we may see our fear of change and we may even be aware of what created it but do we change?  No man, it’s comfortable.

So, my question is:  Is this really what we want for our kids?  Suggest for parents and future parents to be self-honest about this point because if we ‘just aren’t interested’ or are ‘just not into’ bettering ourselves or breaking out of these patterns, then our kids don’t have a chance.  One can start by investigating ‘Hope’ and watch how our children are being ‘fed’ with it by the media, other parents, grandparents, our friends, etc.  Is a life of disappointment what we want for our kids?

So, suggest to understand where our hope is coming from and begin the process of removal of hope, faith, beliefs, and misplaced trust.  A cool starting point is by taking the DIPLite course.  It’s free and you’ll have a buddy to support you through your process of educating yourself and thus have the tools to teach the children what opportunities are available to us in this Life.

The Wellchild Visit

This past week, my 5-year-old son went to the doctor’s office for his ‘Wellchild Visit’.  When we got in the room, they gave us a book – which must be a requirement for our state because each time we have one of these ‘Wellchild Visits’, they hand us a book.

During this visit, our medical care-giver tested my child to make certain that he had ‘basic skills’ for his specific age group such as counting to 10, color recognition, recitation of ABC’s, familiarity with brushing teeth, etc.  Also, at this ‘visit’, they give the child a series of vaccinations.  My child did fine up until the mention of getting ‘shots’ and then he panicked.

Wellchild Visit Vaccine Schedule

First, he worked on reasoning with us adults as he said, “Nah.  I don’t need any shots today.  I’m fine.”  When we told him that the vaccinations were a way of protecting him from diseases in the world that could make him sick or harm him, he said, “I don’t need to worry about that.”

And after our medical care-giver left the room, my son said, “C’mon, mom.  Let’s go.  We’re leaving.”  I explained that we’d be staying and that it was best if we get this done now, be done with it, move on with our day, and go on an adventure to the toy store.  He accepted this.

So, we waited for the nurses to come into the room and give my son his vaccinations. And waited.  And waited. AND WAITED … both my son and I were getting annoyed because we’d agreed to a plan of getting this over and getting on with life – and yet, for the next 20 minutes to a half-hour, they had my 5-year-old in anticipation of the pain to come – which was torturous for him.  I read him a few stories out of the book they gave us which assisted but he was struggling to remain stable.  He started to play with the ‘spinning’ trash can lid in the room, pinched his finger in it and started screaming, crying, and jumping around.  I assisted him in working through the pain with breathing and he calmed down after a few moments.

Two nurses arrived with 4 needles – one for each vaccination.  My son went into a ‘fight-or-fight’ response and started screaming, crying, reaching for his jacket, and backing himself up to the door.  I breathed.  I did not react.  I kept my voice stable and delivered the same message: Let’s get this done so that we can get on with the rest of our day and have an adventure.

After repeating this 4 or 5 times and not changing, he stopped and came over to where I was sitting on the examination table.  He got up in my lap and I wrapped my arms around him.  The nurses gave him a choice of where to have his shots – in his arms or in his legs – he chose his legs.  So, I assisted him with removing his pants and the two nurses gave him two shots in each leg.  It was painful.  It was not cool.  We breathed through the pain.

His legs ‘stung’ and he could not walk after the shots.  We waited until some of the stinging went away.  He pushed.  And eventually we got his clothes back on him and left.  Throughout the toy store, he struggled with the pain – and he breathed through each ‘wave’ of pain.  He decided to purchase a game that he could play with his dad.  We came home.  He curled up on the couch and played with his dad.

Two hours later… My son could not walk at all.  He kept breathing.  And at 12:00 AM, he was crying and moaning because he was in pain and could not get comfortable to sleep.  He would ask me to come into his room and move his body because he could not. This pain and not being able to walk lasted well into the next day.

So yeah.  I’m outraged.  Why … in 2012 are medical practitioners -still- subjecting children to this kind of pain?  And why are they giving our children MORE shots?  When my daughter was my son’s age, she would get one or two shots.  But he got 4 …

In my imagination, we ought to be giving vaccinations ‘Star Trek’-style by now where a doctor presses a metal thing to our skin, presses a button, a ‘puff’ is heard, and a pain-free administration of a drug is given.

Star Trek ‘Jet Injector’ made a reality at MIT where they invented a painless, programmable hyperspray.

But we’re not getting anywhere.  Why would we?  Truth is, we’re killing kids everyday – we don’t care.  In-fact, the way we see it is: Be grateful to have the vaccinations – you’re lucky to be getting them at all.

In an Equal Money System, all beings will be given prevention and protection from the diseases in our current environments.  Additionally, I see us investigating ways of administering disease prevention and protection that do not cause trauma or disability to our physical bodies as this is a point of real caring.  For our children, not reacting, practicing breathing, and bringing the child’s attention ‘elsewhere’ assists in the young mind not making a future character/personality and/or fear connection to ‘Shots’ – however, it does not assist us parents in establishing a relationship of trust with our children and it does not assist the child in establishing a relationship of trust with those that are supposedly ‘taking care’ of their bodies.  Further, this sort of pain at this age moves the child to DISTRUST and SEPARATE themselves from their bodies.

Pain is not cool.  And it’s really screwed up that we try to come up with justifications for pain, like, “Pain lets you know you’re alive.”

This is what we’ve come to … getting the ‘knowledge’ that we’re ‘alive’ from pain.  We do not see that the only true show of being a life is with each moment of every breath.

So. Pain it is. It’s real sad that this is what life has come to – and even more sad that we’re passing this on to our children so that they can survive in this pain. It makes less-and-less sense to me each day why, practically here, we ever allowed it to get this far.  And why do we keep bringing children into this? Really?  I mean, if they’re not getting shot at school, they’re guaranteed to get a ‘shot’ at the doctors office.  And do we really know what that needle is loaded with? Seriously, there was something nasty enough in there to disable my 5-year-old for close to 24 hours.

Again, suggest to support an Equal Money System, parents – let’s support all the children, support the research, and show, for the first time ever in history, that we can be trusted with the lives we’ve given and been given.

Let’s just get this done and get on with an adventure.

A Cup Is Just A Cup

For context see: 2009 A Cup Is Just a Cup! Reality and Illusion

The point I’m sharing today is in-relation to my child’s perspective on ‘tamper-tantrums’.   My child has 4 band-aids on his legs from when he had his vaccinations two days ago.  He won’t allow me to touch them as it’s been quite a painful process for him – which I will blog about later.  So, he’s waiting for these band-aids to fall off and today, one of these band-aids was hanging off his leg.  I dared him to pull off the hanging band-aid – he said ‘no’.  I double dared him – he said ‘no’. I double DOG dared him – he said ‘no’.


I then ‘sighed’ and started to ‘whine’ to my child, “Can Iiiiiiiiii pull it ….. pleeeeeeeeeeeeese?” He said, “No.”

“PLEEEEEEASE …” I continued to whine, “I waaaaaaaaant toooooooooo….” He said, “No.”

“But Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunter – I really really want to.  PLEASE Hunter PLEASE let me do it!”  He did not respond.  “PLEASE!” I cried.  Again, no response.  He started ‘purring’ and brushing his face against mine gently which is a game that we play when we cuddle sometimes.  He may have seen me smile.  I decided to push.  “C’mon Hunter.  Let me pull that band-aid off – it’s driving me CRAZY!!” And he said, “A cup is just a cup.”

The End.