A Cup Is Just A Cup

For context see: 2009 A Cup Is Just a Cup! Reality and Illusion

The point I’m sharing today is in-relation to my child’s perspective on ‘tamper-tantrums’.   My child has 4 band-aids on his legs from when he had his vaccinations two days ago.  He won’t allow me to touch them as it’s been quite a painful process for him – which I will blog about later.  So, he’s waiting for these band-aids to fall off and today, one of these band-aids was hanging off his leg.  I dared him to pull off the hanging band-aid – he said ‘no’.  I double dared him – he said ‘no’. I double DOG dared him – he said ‘no’.


I then ‘sighed’ and started to ‘whine’ to my child, “Can Iiiiiiiiii pull it ….. pleeeeeeeeeeeeese?” He said, “No.”

“PLEEEEEEASE …” I continued to whine, “I waaaaaaaaant toooooooooo….” He said, “No.”

“But Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunter – I really really want to.  PLEASE Hunter PLEASE let me do it!”  He did not respond.  “PLEASE!” I cried.  Again, no response.  He started ‘purring’ and brushing his face against mine gently which is a game that we play when we cuddle sometimes.  He may have seen me smile.  I decided to push.  “C’mon Hunter.  Let me pull that band-aid off – it’s driving me CRAZY!!” And he said, “A cup is just a cup.”

The End.


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