On Guardian Angels

After I wrote my Journey to Life blog last night, I decided to go to the store.  As I pulled out of my driveway in my car, I saw someone from the corner of my view that I almost ran into.   When I looked at the person, they were pale, there were dark circles around the eyes and the face was covered with blood and mud.  My body literally jumped away from what I saw and I gasped and yelled, “WHAT THE F?!?!”  It was Christmas … not Halloween … wtf was going on here? In my mind, I was going through all of the possibilities of what was happening in that moment… and the person did not look at me but instead just kept walking with a blank stare … holy shit … 2012 … end of the world … is the Zombie Apocalypse real??

In shock, I drove a little ways down the road and saw a car flipped over on it’s hood in the ditch – the headlights were on and this persons coat or something was on the ground.  I immediately turned around to pick-up this person.  Within me there was a voice of worry, “What if this person is insane?  I mean, gauging by the condition of this world and kinda seeing where it’s going, bad things could happen.  What if they think that -I’m- the insane one coming to abduct them?” Still, for me there was no choice.  I guided this person into my car, talked with them, and we decided to drive them to their friend’s house around the corner.  I stayed with this person until they were safe and all was cool and then I left.  While I was at the store, I told the cashier about the experience that I had on the way to the store and this person’s reply was, “You’re an angel.”

It was interesting that the Angel point came up because I had just read some articles on Angels and Guardian Angels in an e-mail that was shared.  In the articles the author spoke about the percentages of people in this world that believe that they are being watched over by Angels and made reference to the stories of these people that had personal experiences with being saved by these heavenly creatures that we cannot see.   Here are a few quotes from these articles:

“31 per cent of Britons said they believed in angels and this level is even higher among women at 41 per cent. In the U.S., 80 per cent of people profess a belief in angels”

“U.S. author Doreen Virtue has a doctorate in psychology and has written 20 books about angels. ‘Everyone has a guardian angel,’ she says. ‘They stay with you from birth, making sure you are safe and guided always. I truly believe angels can help us heal.'”

“Lorna explains that people see them in different ways – some, like her, clearly see the face and shape of them while others, like Jayne, see them as beams of light or clouds. ‘No two are alike. They change their appearance and are neither male nor female,’ says Lorna.”

‘They don’t have faces or take human forms and their “voices” aren’t audible, but I can still communicate with them and get a sense of how they are feeling based on the colour of their light,’ she says.

“The Angel of the North is as tall as four double decker buses and its wingspan is as big as that of a jumbo jet.”

These are just a few – the beliefs, myths, and individual ideas of Angels and what they look like goes on and on.  My question within this is: If everyone has a guardian angel that keeps us safe, guided always, and can help us heal, then …

… where is this child’s Guardian Angel?

I have much more to write about this subject and will continue.


2 thoughts on “On Guardian Angels

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  2. To answer your question, that child’s guardian angel is the person holding the camera. You know that somebody is not going to take the picture and just walk away.

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