Are Guardian Angels Real?

In this entry, I am continuing with perspective from my previous entry On Guardian Angels.

It’s interesting to consider how we would believe in Beings of Great Power and Influence that have the ability to Shape-Shift from a Heavenly Body to a Human Physical Body Form and back again at-will – however, we do not believe that One Human Being, born on this Earth, is actually able to open their Physical Body to allow others from the Here-After to communicate a message of Equality and Oneness, to support humans, and to present solutions on how we can change ourselves and this world for real.  As a response to this, the most common feedback that I get from the others in my life is, “The message is the same – it’s the same girl with the same words,” and from here, there is suspicion and the ability to hear the message and the brutal honesty ends.

Within this, the two points that I am seeing are 1, we do not see that a physical human has the potential to have ability nor influence to change our existence and 2, via religions and our beliefs we have been given different messages that vary depending on what we want to hear – and so, a message that does not change or differentiate is something that we’re not comfortable with.  From here, it is simple to see and understand why we would place our Hope and Faith in a Benevolent Presence that can only be seen by those that are Special rather than hearing a message of how we can actually change this world for real – no luminescent light, no sparkles, no moon dust, no wings, no halo – instead, all in existence working to make sure that every being on this Earth has a dignified, happy life.

I am writing about this subject in my Honest Parent blog to assist parents, future parents, and all others including myself to see that we must stop imagining, thinking, hoping, praying, and having faith that a Guardian Angel or any other More Powerful Presence than ourselves is looking out for us, is keeping us safe, and will deliver and/or protect us from anything that would cause us harm – because, when we look at the death, disease, poverty, and abuse in this world, it is completely irresponsible for us to tell ourselves, each other, and our children that we do not need to worry because Someone Somewhere Out-There is going to make everything okay and that we just need to wait, have faith, and be patient.

All we have is each other.

What we see here is what we’re working with.

Parents, future parents, and all others – Instead of placing each others Lives in a Game of Chance where one’s Value determines if one gets Heavenly Assistance or not – I suggest that we make ourselves Guardian Angels for each other where we give ourselves the Power to end poverty, abuse and preventable death and disease. We will in-fact for real bring Heaven To Earth and give every child born here an opportunity to realize themselves as True Guardian Angels.

We are working on Equal Money Capitalism as a bridge to get us from this point to the next.  In the meantime, work with yourself and your children to remove ourselves from this fantasy-world that we’re attempting to live in as an excuse to not take care of each other so that we can prevent ourselves from coming to this point again.


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