Youngsters mollycoddled by their parents ‘are more likely to be bullied by their peers

Parents who tell children to finish everything on their plates are ‘fuelling obesity’

‘Most children learn how to swear before they even know the alphabet’: Forget the ABC, toddlers prefer the F word

How mothers field 288 questions a day – that’s more per hour than David Cameron during Prime Minister’s Questions

Schools expel 15 sex bullies every school day: Even primary pupils driven to assaults by internet porn

Primary school bans cops and robbers because of the ‘harmful effects of imaginary weapons on young minds

Childhood ‘is over at age 12’ – Parents blame internet porn and celebrity culture for the premature loss of innocence


Junk Food During Pregnancy and Lactation Can Lead to Junk Food Addicted Kids

Parents are giving babies solid foods too early – raising their risk of obesity and diabetes, warn experts

Babies who hear their parents arguing are more sensitive to stress – even when they’re asleep

Parents can HALVE their baby’s risk of asthma if they avoid exposing them to house dust, nuts, eggs and dairy products


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